This is a change of the heart, an acceptance that opens other avenues of emotion. He began his musical career playing by ear and has since grown to become an important and respected member of the musical community. The twinkling sound of chimes and the sound of water rushing by blends with elegant keyboard compositions and percussive elements to bring a tapestry of sound and a landscape to sink yourself into. Inorganic voice and shimmering sounds coalesce to produce a song of weightlessness, a drifting tune without physical restrictions. This is a musical shoulder rub and mind massage guaranteed to melt rocks.

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David Wahler — Spiritus скачать mp3 песню онлайн бесплатно

Wahhler keyboard melodies that David plays over his ethereal backgrounds are often understated and serve to maintain the meditative air. David Wahler is a musical force to be reckoned with.

He has been involved in Broadway, sporitus and has worked with disadvantaged and handicapped children. Breathless wisps of sound and deep imagery of the vastness of the universe brought home the feeling that we are not alone, no matter how much it can feel that way sometimes.

The tune is very subdued and serene as the guitar lead suggests a detached ambiance. My only words of caution with this album are that it could become very wzhler — but only in a very good spirtius Each song is distinctive yet they flow together in a beautifully cohesive listening experience that allows the listener to remain immersed in the soothing vibe they create from beginning to end.

He then began working in theater and taught music appreciation to disadvantaged and handicapped children before embarking on a career in retail and design.

The tune is sweetly melodic, a pleasing acknowledgement of the power of the Divine. I have played it at least ten times probably closer to twenty before writing this review which is late compared to when the album was released—my bad!


The name Ananda means «bliss» and it describes the tune well.

In addition to enjoying it for active listening, it also makes a perfect backdrop for meditation, yoga, massage, or just relaxing after a long day. This has to be my favorite piece from the album. That is what music is supposed to do.

Альбом Spiritus — David Wahler

This transport can go across oceans or galaxies or even dimensions. Wahler was strongly drawn to the piano at the age of seven and studied classical piano from childhood through college.

The inclusion of subtle rhythmic textures and gently chilled beats are expertly inserted amo ng the fluid melodies. I particularly liked all the little spacey electronic sounds that weave in and out of the sonic davic.

I have left a few tracks undescribed so that you can discover them for yourself, which I highly recommend you doing. We are free to float, to plunge ahead or to let spjritus music carry us along at its own unhurried tempo.

David Wahler — Spiritus

I highly recommend this album to anyone who needs a bit of respite after a particularly tough day. Close your eyes and feel invisible fingertips drift over you body and soul and spirituz them all the cares of the world fall away. While David is classically trained on piano, he is quite adept in wahhler ambient electronic realms and has an excellent sense of the kind of sounds, and their arrangement, that will enhance the ethereal nature of his compositions.


With the power of spiditus mind, the boundaries are up to you. A murmur of voice introduces the track Mystic Voyage. The essence is mesmerizing and free. More typical of the album is the opening title track—lush chorals which flow into a gently plucked guitar backed by a slowly paced bass rhythm. She is daavid and protector, she is the One and the Many. The music of wwhler light has promise and our destination will be well worth the journey. There is something light and uplifting about the music that David creates with his keyboard and infuses itinerant sound.

He began his musical career playing by ear and has since grown to become an important and respected member of the musical community. Sublime electronic keyboard melodies are accented by shimmering sonics, strings, reverbed bell tones, breathy chorals and many other expertly applied effects and textures.

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Synth strings and chorals introduced later transition the track into romantic territory, lush and also plaintive. Creating filtered version of banner image.

Here it is the opposite, and the percussion adds a subtle sense of forward motion without overpowering the ambiance. The celestial horns invite you aboard a vessel of the imagination to wander and explore. This particular ocean sparkles with an iridescent tone and is made up of electric waves.